Travel Memories In A Printed Format

A beautiful collection of maps turning the beauty of a place into amazing works of graphic and typographic design

  • Travel Memories In A Printed Format
  • Travel Memories In A Printed Format
  • Travel Memories In A Printed Format
  • Travel Memories In A Printed Format
  • Travel Memories In A Printed Format

Once upon a time there was a mobile app called Great Little Place, designed to help you find the quirkiest bars and restaurants and hidden spots in cities all over the world, with tips and recommendations from locals and insiders.
The concept was that of sharing all the best of one's city or area, and it truly gave birth to an amazing community of people offering up their favourite places to go for others to discover. Great Little Prints was born off the back of that project, based on the idea that, if you love your city or somewhere you’ve travelled, you might want something to remember it by, a memento to be proud of.
Which is why these maps are truly the opposite of tourist tats: created by talented illustrators from around the planet and printed on special paper selected to make the colors and the strokes stand out, the subjects include differet designs ranging from typographical maps inspired by word clouds to multi-coloured iconic buildings and building details epitomizing the world's big cities.
By mixing graphic design and content, these maps use accurately chosen words to compose shapes and drawings, unveiling at the same time the spirit of a city and of its districts through their meanings with unique effectiveness.
Turning the beauty of a place into unique and colorful  works of graphic design, Great Little Prints aims at decorating your walls with a city souvenir you won’t forget in a hurry, making a house a home 

Author : The Slowear Journal


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