The Slowear Store debuts at Hyundai-Kintex, Seoul

  • The Slowear Store debuts at Hyundai-Kintex, Seoul

Following the openings at Dosan Park and Hyundai Main, The Slowear Store just debuted at prestigious Hyunday Kintex department store in Seoul with a new and roomy point of sale: over 1,000 square feet entirely devoted to the Slowear brands, including our women's collections.
Designed by Milan-based Carlo Donati studio, the store has a sophisticated and warm atmosphere - a signature feature of The Slowear Stores along with the lounge areas conceived to offer all customers the chance to try a “slow shopping experience”, listening to old vynils or leafing through a book surrounded by French modern antique chairs and coffee tables, iconic design lamps and unique vintage pieces.
At the heart of the store is a huge period wooden counter, while burnished brass and smoked glass wardrobes inspired by the style of 1940s designer Jean Prouvé sit along the walls. The shelving is reminscent of the work of Charlotte Perriand, a pioneer of contemporary design - yet another subtle reference.
But there are more intimate and familiar suggestions as well, such as the slightly retro wallpaper panels in the back of the wardrobes.
Most of the furniture has been designed by studio Donati and custom made for The Slowear Store ay Hyundai-Kintex, according to a refined color palette which ranges from warm white to light blue-grey and blue-black, contrasting with the dark red carpeting, another Slowear classic.

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