The New Museums of Milan

Architecture, visual arts and performing arts: here’s how the city tells about the present time through visions and experiences

  • The New Museums of Milan
  • The New Museums of Milan
  • The New Museums of Milan

To tell about a new time, new spaces are needed. Milan has recently earned three of them: three museums whose architecture and concept are shaped to suit the fluidity of contemporary arts and culture. Experience is the key: contemporary museums are places where things happen, where people are involved in experiences revolving around art, fashion, cinema and everyday life within spaces that are inherently iconic. Here's where to find them.
Fondazione Prada
In a former south Milan distilleryoriginally built in 1910, Prada established its permanent Foundation. The renovation of the building, signed by Rem Koolhaas, Chris Van Duijn and Federico Pompignoli (Studio OMA), mixes pre-existing elements and futuristic inspirations, honoring the memory of Milan while enriching it with contemporary additions such as the Tower, the Podium and the film theater. The space houses the permanent collection including works from 20th and 21st century artists, temporary exhibitions, events and meetings. Bar Luceis an immersive aesthetic experience designed by Wes Anderson, a time machine that takes patrons to old time Milan in a slightly surreal and Andersonian version.  
The indoor central square of the Museum of Cultures in Milan is over 17,000 square meters, a gem of repurposed industrial archaeology that brings the former Ansaldo industrial plants back to life. It has been designed to host permanent and temporary exhibitions conveying the complexity of the world’s ancient and contemporary cultures. Alongside the extraordinary ethno-anthropological heritage of the City of Milan (over 7,000 items including everyday objects, textiles and musical instruments from around the world), MUDEC hosts temporary international exhibitions focusing on artists and social phenomena that changed the collective imagination. This fall, two exhibitions rrespectively dedicated to Paul Klee and Bansky will present two different ways of conceving art and museums.
Armani Silos
According to Giorgio Armani, creativity and art are essential for nourishing the soul and the mind as much as food is essential for life. This fancy building in Via Bergognone, next to the Navigli district, epitomizes the vision of Armani: essentiality, purity, clear geometries. Founded in 2015 to host the celebrations for the 40-year career of the designer, Armani Silos hosts a permanent exhibition of the clothes that have made the history of the brandand temporary performances such as From one season to another by Sarah Moon, scheduled until January 6, 2019.

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