The Evening that Put a Spotlight on Talents

A cocktail party with a view on Milan’s beautiful Duomo celebrated four artists and their work on the occasion of the A Spotlight on talents project

  • The Evening that Put a Spotlight on Talents
  • The Evening that Put a Spotlight on Talents
  • The Evening that Put a Spotlight on Talents
  • The Evening that Put a Spotlight on Talents

The Fashion Week is a busy time in the city of Milan, full of happening parties and busy schedules. This year, a new event enriched the agenda - the exclusive cocktail party celebrating the A Spotlight on Talents scouting project in collaboration with L’Uomo Vogue
On the evening of June 20, the ‘who is who’ of the fashion industry gathered along with our friends and collaborators on the rooftop of la Rinascente in Milan to celebrate the four designers who embraced the challenge to create window displays for the front façade of Italy’s most prestigious department store. In were hosts for the evening Editor in Chief L'Uomo Vogue Ms. Franca Sozzani & President of Slowear Mr. Roberto Compagno.
Among speeches and jubilation, the four artists from different disciplines - visual Artist Elena Xausa, designer Mario Milana, Walter Molteni & Luisa Milani from graphic design studio La Tigre and photographer Carmen Mitrotta - were felicitated onstage by the hosts. 
The evening developed into a good mix of socializing and entertainment with the unique backdrop of the Cathedral’s towering white spires. As for the food and drinks, they did not fail to impress either with specially chosen delicacies that represented the core of brand Slowear, namely a ‘slow lifestyle’.
This awesome party marked the culmination of yet another Slowear & L'uomo Vogue initiative that gave a voice to artistic talent by creating a much needed platform. Here’s hoping for many more editions of this truly significant collaboration.

Author : The Slowear Journal

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