Slowear Urban Cycling: the Difference Lies in the Details

  • Slowear Urban Cycling: the Difference Lies in the Details

A small and exclusive collection conceived for bicycle lovers and for those who ride to work every day and maybe enjoy a drink in the afternoon.
Designed for Mr Porter, our official online reseller, Slowear Urban Cycling is inspired by the need to ride comfortably without giving up your style - because cycling does not necessarily mean going fast or wearing technical apparel, right?
So we took Slowear's signature smart casual style and added a touch of comfort, warmth, and flexibility, devising fresh solutions such as the blazer collar, which has reflective material on the underside and can be worn upturned when cycling at night to increase visibility. During the day, when the collar is worn turned down, the trick goes unnoticed.
The collection also includes trouser cuffs fitted with a popper fastening that can be secured around the ankle to keep them away from the bike chain, reflective straps on the outer pockets of the blazer to secure the flaps by folding them upwards, additional pockets matching convenience and style, and merino wool knitwear with great breathability and thermoregulation properties.
The Slowear Urban Cycling collection will be exceptionally on sale at some of our stores for a limited period of time. The collection's items will be on display in our windows along with a selection of foldable bicycles by Tern.
Here's the Urban Cycling tour schedule:
The Slowear Store Milano Solferino: November 10 - 16

The Slowear Store Treviso: November 19 - 26

Officina Slowear Paris: December 1 - 9

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