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World Bulletin


02.03.2015 / World Bulletin

Lazzaretto, the latest hip scene in Milan

Once the preserve of East African immigrants, the Lazzaretto neighbourhood of Milan has become an eclectic mix of bars, bistros...


23.02.2015 / World Bulletin

In the Belly of Paris

Love it or hate it, the new Halles of Paris will leave nobody unmoved.After months of construction works, and with...


11.02.2015 / World Bulletin

Strolling Around Boulevard Saint Germain

In the heart of Paris, boulevard Saint Germain is a main street on the Rive Gauche, running from Sully Bridge...

priscilla catacombes rome

05.02.2015 / World Bulletin

5 Places in Rome You Ought to Know

Everybody loves Rome – especially its ‘postcard’ version, with the Coliseum, The Sistine Chapel, Piazza di Spagna and the Trevi...


28.01.2015 / World Bulletin

Seoul loves Design

When a place lives up to its promises, it doesn’t take much to realize it. And that is certainly the...

tromp formaggi amsterdam

13.01.2015 / World Bulletin

Amsterdam for Foodies

Some people go to Amsterdam for the red lights district and the coffe shops, some to cycle along the pretty...

le klay sports club gym paris

08.01.2015 / World Bulletin

Keeping Fit in Paris

Is there anything better than a gorgeous sports club to persuade you to carve a few hours out of your...

elevated acre park new york city

07.01.2015 / World Bulletin

A Secret Garden

New York City may be a concrete jungle and yet there is always some place you can go to when...

paris nightlife destinations

15.12.2014 / World Bulletin

A Night in Paris

For many people nightlife in Paris evokes images of the Moulin Rouge, Crazy Horse Club or the former Folies Bergère...


26.11.2014 / World Bulletin

Tophane, the Quintessence of Istanbul

A former harbor and dockland area which owes its name to an ancient cannon foundry,  Tophane, in Istanbul’s Beyoglu district,...

quay del valmy paris

25.11.2014 / World Bulletin

Strolling along the Quai de Valmy

Large cities have a life of their own and over the years abandoned quarters leap to the front of the...


19.11.2014 / World Bulletin

Nordic Style Seoul

If someone were to take a picture of you in front of Kafè Nordic, your friends might think you’ve been...


18.11.2014 / World Bulletin

The Slowear Guide to Zurich

Some still think Zurich is the grey banking capital of Switzerland. Well, chances are they have never been there, not...

calais e dintorni

03.11.2014 / World Bulletin

Exploring Calais and its surroundings

Although it recently hit the headlines for the problem of illegal immigrants trying to enter Britain, the French port of...


28.10.2014 / World Bulletin

In the City of Stone

Matera, the evocative city of stone in southern Italy that inspired artists like Pier Paolo Pasolini, has won the title...


09.10.2014 / World Bulletin

The Humble Capital

Brussels, the unassuming capital of Europe, is the continent’s best kept secret.   Although it’s slower and quieter than Paris...

treviso aperitivo

06.10.2014 / World Bulletin

Aperitivo in the City of Water

A small city of art and water sitting in the imperious shade of  a much more famous tourist destination called,...


26.08.2014 / World Bulletin

The Sky Over Berlin

The rooftop of a shopping mall’s car park in south-east Berlin. Beer, live music, a garden, a sandpit and a...


19.08.2014 / World Bulletin

Saving the Island

When you think of the iconic Mont Saint-Michel in France the first thing that comes to your mind is the...


29.07.2014 / World Bulletin

A Hommage to French Grandeur

Every city has some special places where history happened – places that survived whole eras, going through falls and resurrections...


28.07.2014 / World Bulletin

Summer in Hamburg

Berlin’s popularity is certainly well deserved and yet there is more to discover in Germany than its much loved capital....


24.07.2014 / World Bulletin

Travelling the Uncommon Way

True places are never down on any map, or so said Herman Melville. And we couldn’t agree more, since we...


10.07.2014 / World Bulletin

Spinalonga, the Other Side of Crete

There’s a beautiful gulf on the Eastern coast of Crete. Venetians called it Mirabello (“wonderful view”) because of its striking...


07.07.2014 / World Bulletin

Five Ideas for a Tech-Free Holiday

Can you imagine spending a couple of weeks without a smartphone, a tablet, a wi-fi connection, a personal computer and...


26.06.2014 / World Bulletin

Enjoying Bangkok the Slow Way. An Interview with Punjarat Sangsuwan

There’s no denying it: Bangkok is a frantic city. Yet it is also a city full of surprises, and so...


26.05.2014 / World Bulletin


Do you suffer from vertigo? Then skip this article – unless you’re set to fight your fear with extreme measures,...


13.05.2014 / World Bulletin

Between East and West

To some, the idea of a design hotel in Georgia, right in the middle of the Caucasus region, might sound...


07.05.2014 / World Bulletin

A Day in the Arts District

They call it the Arts District, but it might as well be called the Street Art District, since finding a...


24.04.2014 / World Bulletin

The Drone War “Isn’t a Videogame”

That’s what Akash Goel said to explain the meaning of the 90 by 60 feet poster of a 9-year-old girl installed...


17.04.2014 / World Bulletin

New Paris

The 18th arrondissement is one of the most frequented areas in Paris, mainly because it includes famous landmarks such as...


11.04.2014 / World Bulletin

A Temporary Shop for the Homeless

South Africa is a country where the haves and the have nots live side by side but seldom connect. People...


20.03.2014 / World Bulletin

Enjoying Melbourne the Slow Way. An Interview with Christian Kimber

Living and working in Melbourne, Christian Kimber is a designer and Menswear Buyer at Henry Bucks – Australia’s oldest and...


10.03.2014 / World Bulletin

Enjoying London the Slow Way. An Interview with Toby Bateman

Noboby can unveil the slow secrets of a city better than a local. That’s why we decided to launch a...


27.02.2014 / World Bulletin

Grabbing a Bite in The Mission

Part Latino, part bohémian, and part irresistibly cool: San Francisco’s Mission District – a.k.a. The Mission – is a unique...


19.02.2014 / World Bulletin

A Social Network in Real Life

Does working or reading at a café make you feel awkward after you’ve spent some hours at the same table...

malta panorama

17.02.2014 / World Bulletin

Winter on the Island

Malta is a solitary island, which nonetheless has for centuries found itself at the epicentre of the history of the...

malta panorama

17.02.2014 / World Bulletin

Inverno sull’isola

Malta è un’isola solitaria, ma da sempre al centro delle rotte e della storia del Mediterraneo. Dal susseguirsi delle invasioni...


21.01.2014 / World Bulletin

Experiencing East Austin

Art galleries, cool food trucks, Mexican food, urban farms, vintage shops, bars and venues every night. East Austin definitely is...


08.01.2014 / World Bulletin

The Best of Oslo

Let us admit it, we are huge fans of Oslo. Not only is it a green, rich, expensive and eco-friendly...


21.11.2013 / World Bulletin

Art and Nature

Turning the small island of Inujima, an oasis of traditional Japanese life, into a natural park beautified by art and...


24.10.2013 / World Bulletin

Slow Naples

Only a few people are really capable of seeing what Naples is all about; some only manage to experience its...


09.10.2013 / World Bulletin

Early Morning in Tokyo

You might hate fish of find its smell somewhat annoying, but a visit to Tokyo’s  Tsukiji Market, the world’s largest...


02.10.2013 / World Bulletin

Frozen in Time

The London home of a Neo-Classical architect just as it was left at the time of his death in 1837,...


03.09.2013 / World Bulletin

Africa on the Move

Although this is not often in the news, Africa is a workshop of continuous innovation and experimentation. If, on the...


29.08.2013 / World Bulletin

The Gardens of Venice

To see what there is still to discover in Venice, you need to look at it from high above: the...


31.07.2013 / World Bulletin

Slow Cagliari

We would like to thank Giovanni Onano for these precious reccomendations,  and all our readers for constantly sharing their slow...


18.07.2013 / World Bulletin

Arts and Leisure in Beijing, Chaoyang

In a city as wide and as frantic as Beijing, sometimes it’s hard to spot the right place for relaxing,...


16.07.2013 / World Bulletin

Vintage Florence

Florence is a city to discover by walking – walking along the paved streets and the narrow alley past the...


10.07.2013 / World Bulletin

Rooftop Camping

If you’re looking for a truly alternative and unconventional holiday, look no further than the rooftops of New York City,...


11.06.2013 / World Bulletin

Five Museums Worth Visiting in Tokyo

Like all the big capitals of the world, Tokyo has a lot to offer in terms of museums, and not...


10.06.2013 / World Bulletin

Vintage Venice

There’s no city in the world like Venice. The unchanging charm of its canals, of its narrow streets, and of...


07.05.2013 / World Bulletin

Wine Bars in Berlin

No more beer mugs and pork chops. If you happen to be in Berlin and fancy a drink, then you’d...


30.04.2013 / World Bulletin

Dog Interiors

Thirteen amazing real-size prototypes to prove that interior design works for dogs as well. That’s it – thirteen design-oriented doghouses,...


16.04.2013 / World Bulletin

Istanbul for Beginners

Istanbul, Byzantium or Constantinople? A crossroads of peoples, languages and cultures. Founded in 667 B.C. on the Bosphorus, throughout its...


08.04.2013 / World Bulletin

Why is the Nuclear Threat a Secondary Issue?

At the beginning of April 2013, the somewhat grotesque news of a North Korean communist regime threatening the US with...


04.04.2013 / World Bulletin

Vintage Rome

If you love Rome but you don’t want to join the joyful hordes of tourists crowding its streets on a...


26.03.2013 / World Bulletin

Marrakech for Beginners

Cosmopolitan, exuberant, hypnotic, part African and part Andalusian, exotic and yet familiar. Marrakech is the city of abundance – the...


20.03.2013 / World Bulletin

A Beer with a View

A beer with friends is not necessarily an unpretentious matter, especially if you choose to go to the world’s highest...


19.03.2013 / World Bulletin

The Spirit of Japan

A dream-like, visionary place where food tastes pure and essential. Hanafarm Kitchen is a unique restaurant in the city dof...


18.03.2013 / World Bulletin

Retro Milan

Forget about the city of fashion and aperitivo: let us take you on a journey through another Milan, a place...


07.03.2013 / World Bulletin

Video Stories from Japan

The Land of the Rising Sun is much sought-after destination for tourists, boasting some 6/8 million foreign visitors every year,...


04.03.2013 / World Bulletin

Happy Birthday, Tube!

The world’s oldest underground transit system, the London Underground, boasting four million daily passengers, turns 150 this year.   On...


21.02.2013 / World Bulletin

Water Roads

The story of Milano and the story of the Navigli are very deeply bound up. The Navigli were born back...


28.01.2013 / World Bulletin

The Garden of Arts

A historic bulding belonging to the nineteenth century structure of a former horse-riding arena turned into a brand new cultural...


10.01.2013 / World Bulletin

The crafts of Venice

Baroque frames, blown glass, lace, masks and the ancient art of gilding. Here’s an alternative Venice tour for authentic handicraft...


09.01.2013 / World Bulletin

A Safe Adventure

Exploring the jungle on board of a floating hotel, with huge windows overlooking an incredible landscape. That’s what Aqua Expeditions...


08.01.2013 / World Bulletin

Jane’s Gardens

If you’ve read at least one of Jane Austen’s novels, then you must have noticed how greenery plays a crucial...


04.12.2012 / World Bulletin

Slow Berlin

A winter garden brimming with plants and flooded with natural light, where time seems to have frozen in an era...


29.11.2012 / World Bulletin

A Peaceful Oasis in the Heart of Tokyo

Celebrating its first anniversary this month,  Yoyogi Village is an eco-friendly complex close to Shibuya, one of the busiest areas...


05.11.2012 / World Bulletin

Paris for Vegetarians

In a city whose rich cuisine is devoted to foie gras, escargots and meat in general, one might suspect that...


29.10.2012 / World Bulletin

The Global Jukebox

The man who gave voice and dignity to the history and the tradition of American music. This might well be...


25.10.2012 / World Bulletin

Red Square

There’s a brand new Red Square in Copenhagen, but it’s nothing like the one in Moscow. In addition to the...


16.10.2012 / World Bulletin

A History of a City in 50 Objects

A mastodon tusk and a prehistoric arrowhead, a MetroCard and a Checker taxicab, a stuffed bagel and an oyster. Can...


15.10.2012 / World Bulletin

Spooky Sights

There’s a “secret” place in London called Old Vic Tunnels -30,000 square feet of unused railway vaults, a labyrinth of...


10.10.2012 / World Bulletin

Three Wise Monkeys

Miwazaru, Iwazaru, Kikazaru, in other words “do not watch, talk about or listen to evil”. That’s the Confucian warning symbolized...


02.10.2012 / World Bulletin

Once Were Hostels

What’s happening to those old and dingy hostels where we used to sleep on low budget? Apparently, nowadays budget travellers...


17.09.2012 / World Bulletin

In the Moonshine

Ever heard of moonshine liquor? To the Americans, the name recalls the turbulent years of the Prohibition, when Appalachian distillers...


11.09.2012 / World Bulletin

Quiet Paris

The old roofs of the Marais, a quiet cobblestone courtyard and… François Truffaut. What else could epitomize the most romantic...


10.09.2012 / World Bulletin

Fast & Good in Beirut

Since the opening of our new Officina Slowear store in Beirut, we had the chance to discover an amazing city....


30.08.2012 / World Bulletin

The art of coping

A basket full of limes, mixers, spices and a curated selection of local gins. And above all, an old butcher...


09.08.2012 / World Bulletin

A taste of Beirut

In recent years, Lebanese cuisine has become well known all over the world. Probably because it’s tasty, spicy and light...


06.08.2012 / World Bulletin

The matsuri month

August. While we’re all busy with our summer holidays and the Olympics, in Japan the matsuri month has just begun....


02.08.2012 / World Bulletin

Old school candies

We are so used to restaurant, café and shop chains that accidentaly bumping into a small, traditional shop in the...


01.08.2012 / World Bulletin

Olympic London

Have you ever heard of Jetsetter? It’s a private online community that provides members with insider access, expert knowledge, and...


31.07.2012 / World Bulletin

Istanbul’s best gelato

From Florence to the Bosphorous. That’s the unusual venture undertaken by Elena Pallotti, an enterpreneuse and a dreamer who fell...


26.07.2012 / World Bulletin

Green Tokyo

Tokyo and its green secrets. In spite of being so large and busy, Tokyo offers many options to those who...


09.07.2012 / World Bulletin

Hidden Milan

Some of the most amazing secrets of an apparently grey city like Milan hide inside its gardens and on its...


09.07.2012 / World Bulletin

Hidden Milan

Some of the most amazing secrets of an apparently grey city like Milan hide inside its gardens and on its...


04.07.2012 / World Bulletin

Literary Beirut

In spite of its difficult recent history, today Beirut is a vibrant and cosmopolitan capital, facing challenges of peace and...


03.07.2012 / World Bulletin

Provisional transformations

In London, they have a very special way to dal with spaces: even where everything is changing, even in those...

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