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Slowear News


12.02.2015 / Slowear News

The Slowear Store Opening in Padua

There is something truly charming about wandering around Padua’s city center – it is probably the feeling of being surrounded...

tony chambers wallpaper magazine editor in chief

29.01.2015 / Slowear News

A Lucky Man

Leafing through the latest issue of the Wallpaper* Magazine to look for some fresh inspiration is something we are all...

the slowear store paris boulevard saint germain concept store 2015

22.01.2015 / Slowear News

The Slowear Store comes to Boulevard Saint Germain

The day has finally come: there is a brand new Slowear Store in Paris in addition to our historic rue...

wallpaper zanone selfridges london capsule collection

21.01.2015 / Slowear News

Wallpaper & Zanone Launch a Capsule Collection at Selfridges

Take Wallpaper’s refined brand colours and imagine matching them with Zanone’s quality knitwear – what would be the result? Probaby...


02.12.2014 / Slowear News

The Slow Shopping Experience – an Interview with Carlo Donati

He is the creative mind behind the style of The Slowear Store, the one who designs and fits out each...


24.11.2014 / Slowear News

The Slowear Store debuts at Hyundai-Kintex, Seoul

Following the openings at Dosan Park and Hyundai Main, The Slowear Store just debuted at prestigious Hyunday Kintex department store...

slowear urban cycling

06.11.2014 / Slowear News

Slowear Urban Cycling: the Difference Lies in the Details

A small and exclusive collection conceived for bicycle lovers and for those who ride to work every day and maybe...


10.09.2014 / Slowear News

Slowear Women’s Collections Debut at La Rinascente

A brand new space entirely devoted to Slowear women’s collections is finally here: our FW14 collections have just debuted at...


28.08.2014 / Slowear News

The Way We Were

Can you recognize the screenshot above? It is the very first issue of our newsletter, dating back to May 2010....


17.06.2014 / Slowear News

Slowear & L’Uomo Vogue Present “An Open Window on Talents”

The Slowear group – comprising of four specialist labels Incotex, Zanone, Glanshirt and Montedoro – in collaboration with L’Uomo Vogue...


11.06.2014 / Slowear News

Henry Bucks Gets a Fresh Look

After 124 years and just the one move from Swanston Street over 50 years ago Henry Bucks, Australia’s oldest and...


15.05.2014 / Slowear News

Angel Wings

Do you remember A Slow Tale, our short movie competition? The challenge was that of turning the idea of a...


07.04.2014 / Slowear News

Slowear partnering with Port at Fuorisalone 2014

Ready for Fuorisalone? If you happen to be in Milan during the busy and exciting days of Milan’s Design Week...


31.10.2013 / Slowear News

A Slow Autumn

If seasons were to be listed in order of preference, it’s fair to say autumn quite probably wouldn’t  top it....


04.10.2013 / Slowear News

A Small Handbook of Slow Etiquette

Is there anything clumsier than a badly tied tie or a wrongly folded pocket square? Not to mention the wrong...


27.06.2013 / Slowear News

A Slow Tale: the Final Countdown

Only three days left to take part in our short movie competition: June 30 is the deadline for the Slow...


20.06.2013 / Slowear News

The Night of the Magic Bunch

The summer solstice always had a strong symbolic meaning – June 21, the longest day of the year, also marks...


24.04.2013 / Slowear News

Make Your Own Slow Tale

What is slow lifestyle? How do attention to details and quality, careful consideration, and respect for those who create and...


31.12.2012 / Slowear News

Built to last

What’s behind a Slowear piece? Research, prototypes, and experimentation. According to Jay Vosoghi, design consultant, these are the elements that...


20.12.2012 / Slowear News

Slowear App 2013 is Now Ready for Your Smartphone

It is usable, entertaining, compatible and you won’t need to dowload any content to your cellphone. The brand new Slowear...


07.11.2012 / Slowear News

Officina Slowear doubles its presence in Paris

80 sqm distributed on two levels in an elegant XVIth century building located in the trendy Marais district. The brand...


31.05.2012 / Slowear News

A Slow Decalogue

Although we live in a fast era, the Slow movement seems to be gradually catching on, and we are definitely...


13.04.2012 / Slowear News

Slow Design Week

Ready for the 51st edition of Salone del Mobile? The countdown has begun and here at Slowear Journal we’re all...


12.04.2012 / Slowear News

Officina Slowear London

The global expansion of Officina Slowear’s  retail network goes on. After opening in Milan, Udine, Treviso, Roma, Paris and Seoul,...


22.03.2012 / Slowear News

Take it slow

A global editorial staff including professionals from around the world and counting the readers among its contributors. Daily news and...


12.03.2012 / Slowear News

Slowear and the ‘Veneto model’

Research and innovation. According to a recent survey by Bocconi University and Milan’s Polytechnic, these are the strategies that might...


15.02.2012 / Slowear News

Slowear goes global

Korean, English, Italian, Spanish, French and Japanese. These are the languages that Slowear will be speaking from its website starting...


21.12.2011 / Slowear News

Slow Christmas

Comfortable, scented, high-tech and green. That’s the kind of Christmas we would like to wish you  – a Slowear-style Christmas,...


07.11.2011 / Slowear News

Slowear App 2.0

Faster, more interactive and highly interconnected. Slowear’s new App for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is finally here, and it’s...


23.09.2011 / Slowear News

Slowear @ La Rinascente

Forget those anonymous and nodescript  department store corners: Slowear’s space inside La Rinascente, Milan’s most historical and beloved departement store,...


14.06.2011 / Slowear News

Incotex 60th Anniversary

Incotex celebrates its 60th anniversary during next Pitti Immagine in Florence.   Wednesday,  June 15 from 9pm at Museum Marino...

IED Slowork

31.05.2011 / Slowear News

Slowork, supporting talent

Two young IED students become designers for Slowear


30.05.2011 / Slowear News

Slowear 2.0

Contents, images and technology: Slowear’s new website is live.   The whole world of Slowear in a single versatile and...

Incotex loves Japan

30.05.2011 / Slowear News

One Pant for Reconstruction

A limited-edition pants series, as well as a symbol of friendhip towards a country badly hit by an unprecedented natural...


06.09.2010 / Slowear News

Welcome to Slowear

September 2010: feeling the wind of change of the new season, Slowear grows with fresh energy, starting from its points...


30.06.2010 / Slowear News

Pitti immagine uomo 2010 award

Care for details, evolution in style, concern for materials and treatments: in other words, Slowear’s irremissible ingredients. In these features,...


20.05.2010 / Slowear News


Slowear meets Liberty, the historic London department store, renowned since 1875 for its creativity and its legendary printed fabrics. The...


17.12.2009 / Slowear News

Boyfriend pants

Masculine inspiration and feminine fit. An unconventional, exclusive interpretation that transforms every garment into a unique piece that’s always different,...


02.11.2009 / Slowear News

Elective affinities

A predestined encounter. Two complementary and yet parallel worlds rejoining. Paris: Slowear and M Le Monde meet each other, joining...

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