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Food & Leisure


26.02.2015 / Food & Leisure

Shanghai Loves Pizza

Genuine Neapolitan pizza, the most universal symbol of Italian cuisine, has reached the very heart of Shanghai – and oddly...


18.02.2015 / Food & Leisure

Essentially Thai

Until a few years ago, tasting some of the best Thai food in the world didn’t necessarily mean that you...

Klugmann Romito Tondi Lavezzari Italian chefs

16.02.2015 / Food & Leisure

Four Noteworthy Italian Chefs

Chefs are the new rockstars, there’s no denying it. Just take a look at the shelves of any given bookshops,...

10.02.2015 / Food & Leisure

A Foodie’s Guide to New Milan

With just a few months to go before Expo 2015, Milan is soaked in the vibrant and expectant atmosphere a...


03.02.2015 / Food & Leisure

A Healthy Intelligence

How do you judge the quality of the food you’re eating? According to Paolo Marchi, by its ingredients – and...


27.01.2015 / Food & Leisure

The New Taste of Istanbul

“New Anatolian cuisine”, that’s how they call it. It’s a new wave in the Istanbul restaurant scene and you can...

prosecco foss marai bubbly

20.01.2015 / Food & Leisure

A Quiet Journey: Prosecco according to Foss Marai

Beautiful curvy bottles, a very fine bubbly wine, and a landscape of gentle hills covered in vineyards: these are the...

claude compron chef tommy tucker pub london

14.01.2015 / Food & Leisure

The Pub According to Claude Compton

Take a young and Michelin-awarded chef like Claude Compton, add a couple of friends with an enterpreneurial spirit – Jim...

the hat hip design hostel madrid

23.12.2014 / Food & Leisure

A Place to Lay Your Hat

“Wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home”, Marvin Gaye sang. And someone in Madrid took it literally, turning the...

tanya's cafe london raw cuisine

18.12.2014 / Food & Leisure


Picture a café whose walls are scattered with plants, with long tables and a huge wooden counter brimming with baskets...

tokyo five top restaurants

03.12.2014 / Food & Leisure

5 Tokyo Restaurants Worth Trying

Coming to Tokyo is always an overwhelming experience – this huge, fantastic city swarming with things, traffic and people can...

antoine paris sombardier

01.12.2014 / Food & Leisure

A fish and seafood lover’s guide to Paris

Fish is a tricky ingredient for restaurants because it needs to be fresh and prepared just before serving, and it...


17.11.2014 / Food & Leisure

Surviving war and tempests: the history of Chablis

The village of Chablis in Burgundy has given its name to a wine that has roots going back to the...


11.11.2014 / Food & Leisure

Beer & Gourmet Food

Tasting haute cuisine matched with excellent wine is a great way to savour both of them, and to teach your...


05.11.2014 / Food & Leisure

Rice & Art

Bright green rice fields meticulously cultivated and orderly like small vegetal armies ready to fight. When you think of Japan...


27.10.2014 / Food & Leisure

Another Kind of Brunch

The golden age of the brunch may be over in Milan, but there’s still still room for some creativity when...

htl kungsgatan hotel stockholm

23.10.2014 / Food & Leisure

Less is more

We might have mentioned this before: for us at Slowear luxury is not a matter of price, it’s a matter...


21.10.2014 / Food & Leisure

Finding Your Favourite Bubbly Wine in Champagne

Champagne, the king of wine and the wine of kings, has long been associated with luxury and success. Some rare...


15.10.2014 / Food & Leisure

Authentic Italian Style

Bianchi is a name that everyone knows in Italy. It evokes a legendary racing bicycle, the familiar faces of the...

fromagerie quatrehomme paris

14.10.2014 / Food & Leisure

A Foodie’s Shopping Guide to Paris

People in Paris are spoiled, for choice that is. Just look at the great ingredients available to gourmets and amateur...


08.10.2014 / Food & Leisure

Five Small Design Hotels

If  you shun the usual starred hotel, if you are looking for something more sophisticated, if you think luxury is...

19 greek street cafe london

01.10.2014 / Food & Leisure

Tea & Design

A slightly surreal place, halfway between reality and comics, almost drawn by hand: 19 Greek Street Café, in London, is...

terre a terre brighton

29.09.2014 / Food & Leisure

Brighton Rocks

What’s the first thing thay comes to your mind when you think of Brighton? For us it’s a pebble beach,...

paulysaal restaurant berlin

24.09.2014 / Food & Leisure

Dining in the Shade of History

Tasting the very best of the so-called neue deutsche Küche, a.k.a. contemporary German cuisine, surrounded by a retro atmosphere in...

bisol prosecco

18.09.2014 / Food & Leisure

In the Land of Prosecco

Bubbles, a sweet scent of fruits and flowers and an intense, yellowish color. To a non-expert’s  eyes, Prosecco is pretty...


16.09.2014 / Food & Leisure

A Silver Oddity

A silversmith workshop, a Japanese chef, a menu including Japanese, ‘communist’ and ‘catholic’ dishes, a liveried waiter flaunting old DDR...

florence mercato centrale formaggi

09.09.2014 / Food & Leisure

A Celebration of Italian Excellence

After wandering through Florence’s historic covered market where stands are replete with basil, peaches, eggplants and every other produce imaginable,...


08.09.2014 / Food & Leisure

La Belle Epoque

Remember Renoir’s famous painting Le Dejeuner des Canotiers (“Luncheon of the Boating Party”)? It is set at a guinguette, a...


02.09.2014 / Food & Leisure

Four Tables with a Sea View

A smal harbour, the cool breathe of the ending summer and a gorgeous dinner of fresh fish. What more could...


01.09.2014 / Food & Leisure

A Foodie Retreat

An ancient 12th-century abbey surrounded by beautiful Spanish vineyard landscapes, set like a jewel among the string of exclusive wine...

gerst iss photo

21.08.2014 / Food & Leisure

A Taste of Exclusivity

Ever heard of the exclusive Soho House? Founded in London some 20 years ago by British enterpreneur Nick Jones, it...


14.08.2014 / Food & Leisure

Dining with the Gods

The beautiful northern coast of Crete offers amazing views and unforgettable sunsets, yet it is almost irritatingly tourist-friendly. Scattered with...


12.08.2014 / Food & Leisure

An Authentic Italian Style Barber’s

There is a place in Naples where time seems to have stood still. It is an old and fascinating barber’s...


07.08.2014 / Food & Leisure

Four Destinations for a Relaxing Holiday

Have you ever been yearning for a totally relaxing summer holiday? A few days to be spent doing absolutely nothing,...


06.08.2014 / Food & Leisure

Experiencing Authentic Apulia

A beautifully renovated masseria – the typical 1800 Apulian farmhouse – located halfway between Ostuni and Ceglie Messapica, in the...


23.07.2014 / Food & Leisure

That Pleasant Urban Village Feel

In the heart of bustling Soho and just a couple of blocks from Mayfair, Ham Yard is urban renewal at...


22.07.2014 / Food & Leisure

Slow Brewing the Italian Way

Audace, Oppale, Admiral, Nectar… We truly love the charming names of the 100% Made in Italy beers from 32 Via...


21.07.2014 / Food & Leisure

A Taste of Authentic China

Forget almond chicken and Cantonese fried rice. Oh, and spring rolls too. Because the truth is, these “globalized” Chinese dishes...


17.07.2014 / Food & Leisure

The Vineyard Landscape, a World Heritage

It is a landscape of gentle hills coated with vineyards and scattered with castles and fields, a land of wine...


14.07.2014 / Food & Leisure

Marais on the Beach

The French sure know how to add a touch of class to everything they do, and there’s no denying they...


09.07.2014 / Food & Leisure

Beautiful Loneliness

If the proverbial desert island is more than an abstract idea or a cliché to you, then here’s the good...


03.07.2014 / Food & Leisure

Bohemian chic

Copenhagen’s Latin Quarter doesn’t have much to do with the Paris neighborhood of the same name – except for the...


02.07.2014 / Food & Leisure

Wild Corsica

Sometimes simplicity is what strikes us the most. And that’s undoubtedly true speaking of U Capu Biancu, a resort located...


25.06.2014 / Food & Leisure

Out of Town

Hopping on a chaffeured Venetian motorboat at Milan’s Darsena, sailing on the canal for 31 miles along fields, villages and...

Buongiorno Milano

09.06.2014 / Food & Leisure

Buongiorno Milano!

Although the ritual Sunday brunch is growing more and more popular, in Milan your regular weekday breakfast is still pretty...


05.06.2014 / Food & Leisure

Stylish NYC Foodie Guides

If you ever get hungry in New York City, here’s something that might come in handy: Neither Fish Nor Fowl’s...


29.05.2014 / Food & Leisure

A Roman Tapas Bar in Milan

If the title of this post has you somewhat confused, don’t worry: this is actually something pretty unique. Take the...


27.05.2014 / Food & Leisure

Train Therapy

Some people know better than to travel sitting three abreast in airline seats. Among them is Ed Ellis, president of...


20.05.2014 / Food & Leisure

Milan Celebrates Street Food

There has been a lot of talking about food trucks, lately. These travelling restaurants selling (often amazing) street food in...


08.05.2014 / Food & Leisure

Taglio, The Bistrot Milan Was Missing

A café, a restaurant, and a grocery store, Taglio (10, via Vigevano) is a comparatively new presence in Milan’s Navigli...


05.05.2014 / Food & Leisure

Venice As You’ve Never Seen It

Have you ever heard of ‘Venezia Nativa’ (native Venice)? It is the name given to three of the islands of...


29.04.2014 / Food & Leisure

Paris Meets Shanghai

Can Shanghai feel like Paris? It certainly does at Farine, the Ferguson Lane boulangerie-pâtisserie owned by French enterpreneur Franck Pécol....


15.04.2014 / Food & Leisure

Bread, Water and Design

A former tie factory, an old tobacconist’s, and a quiet backyard. In Milan, beauty often hides behind closed doors –...


13.03.2014 / Food & Leisure

Ha(r)mless Burgers

If burgers are gradually turning into a gourmet dish, why shouldn’t they become a healthy option? That’s what the guys...


11.03.2014 / Food & Leisure

Gourmet Street Food

If you should bump into an unusually futuristic kiosk near the Eiffel tower, it might be worth stopping for a...


06.03.2014 / Food & Leisure

Bangkok in Boutique-Style

It is hard to imagine a quiet, intimate place amidst the chaos of Bangkok, and yet the new Sala Rattanakosin...


24.02.2014 / Food & Leisure

A Danish Living Room in Berlin

Cool, young, affordable and much loved. Berlin is still the city young people adore, and yet it is also trying...


11.02.2014 / Food & Leisure

What’s in your Soap

Reading the ingredient list on the label of your bodywash is often a alienating experience; uness you’re a chemist, all...


05.02.2014 / Food & Leisure

The Inn at the End of the World

Defying the laws of nature, venturing to the extreme borders of the earth, clinging to a strip of rocky land...


30.01.2014 / Food & Leisure

Vintage Camping

A small, compact, streamlined and light trailer, a teardrop-shaped movable home that used to be popular in the US back...


27.01.2014 / Food & Leisure

Dim Sum comes to Milan

Dim sum is an ancient ritual - small bite-sized or individual portions of food traditionally served with tea in the countrysides...


16.01.2014 / Food & Leisure

A Post-Industrial Microbrewery

An abandoned hydroelectric power station turned mine warehouse, a team of enterprising and enthusiastic friends, and a very determinate goal:...


14.01.2014 / Food & Leisure

Inhabitable Sculpture

Ufo + Vogel (the German word for ‘ bird’) = Ufogel. And this small yet extraordinarily comfortable vacation home in...


13.01.2014 / Food & Leisure

The Bearded Japanese

It is one of Tokyo’s most beloved restaurants, and it gets regularly crowded on Sunday mornings when a tasty brunch...


09.01.2014 / Food & Leisure

Ice & Fire

A unique backdrop of majestic mountainous lava fields, hot springs, the northern lights, and Iceland’s unparalleled natural landscape. The location...


02.01.2014 / Food & Leisure

Cork and Olive Trees

Local materials, revisited traditional architectures and an eye for energetic efficiency. Recently completed in Évora, in Portugal’s Alentejo region, Ecork...


27.12.2013 / Food & Leisure

In Perfect Solitude

Sleeping inside a lighthouse 25 meters above the sea and enjoying a gorgeous view of the Breton coastline, from Groix...


18.12.2013 / Food & Leisure

The Quintessence of Italian Christmas

A couple of days for getting the sourdough ready, a couple more days for the dough and at least one...


12.12.2013 / Food & Leisure

Fresh from the Garden

What do you mean by “fresh food”? Your idea will probably change once you get to know one of our...


11.12.2013 / Food & Leisure

The Slow Christmas Gift Guide 2013

What is the essence of a Slow Christmas? First and foremost, a December spent away from the herds of last-minute...


09.12.2013 / Food & Leisure

Slow Africa

There are places on earth where slowness is natural, and the Swahili Coast in south-east Africa is one of them....


05.12.2013 / Food & Leisure

The Best Apps for Italian Street Food Hunters

Street food is not a synonym for fast food anymore: people hunt for it, carefully select the best options and...


04.12.2013 / Food & Leisure

Four Destinations to Escape Christmas

There’s no use in ignoring it or in pretending you are not noticing: that time of the year has come...


26.11.2013 / Food & Leisure

Story of a Beer

961 beer, Lebanon’s most famous beer, is literally the produce of what you would call a microbrewery. It al began...


20.11.2013 / Food & Leisure

Hostels Reloaded

As we observed sometime ago, hostels are not what they used to be anymore. Well, luckily. Their past second-rate reputation...


12.11.2013 / Food & Leisure

A Little Bit of Everything

After a brilliant renovation work, the new Volkshaus Basel designed by Herzog & de Meuron studio reopened its doors last year...


07.11.2013 / Food & Leisure

A Recyclable Restaurant

Corrugated cardboard: that’s basically the only material allowed at Carton Restaurant,  a Taiwan eatery where everything from the furnishings, to...


29.10.2013 / Food & Leisure

The Food Truck Wars

Suppose you’re on your lunch break on a warm, sunny day and you don’t feel like eating indoor. Well, if...


28.10.2013 / Food & Leisure

Contemporary Thai

The people banqueting on spicy specialities at Easy Tiger‘s communal tables are well aware of the fact that the guy...


21.10.2013 / Food & Leisure

Going Solo

There are probably more pros than cons to travelling on your own – a total freedom of choice, the chance...


16.10.2013 / Food & Leisure

A Home in Amsterdam

An old industrial building close to Dam Square in Amsterdam, with brick walls and exposed pipes. A deliberately retro atmosphere...


15.10.2013 / Food & Leisure

Five Hotels that Dare to Differ

Apparently, turning the most diverse buildings into unusal hotels is a very intriguing challenge for architects and interior designers. Of...


14.10.2013 / Food & Leisure

Meat-Free Rio

Finding vegetarian food, not to mention vegan food, in Rio de Janeiro is a hard  job – that’s probably why...


08.10.2013 / Food & Leisure

Go East

Until a few years ago, thinking of East London as a foodie heaven would have been impossible, and yet today...


03.10.2013 / Food & Leisure

New Mexican Gastronomy

If Mexico City is a meeting place of diverse cultures, the Polanco district, north of Chapultepec Park, certainly reflects this...


26.09.2013 / Food & Leisure

Rough & Stylish

There’s a new restaurant on an industrial block of San Francisco’s SOMA district which has become very popular among foodies:...


25.09.2013 / Food & Leisure

The Flying Gourmand

Sooner or later, every frequent flyer has to face a lonely airport lunch or dinner. Eating a tasteless sandwich at...


19.09.2013 / Food & Leisure

The Real Taste of Shanghai

David’s was born 15 years ago from a small tea store on Chapel Street in Melbourne, founded by Shanghai-born David...


18.09.2013 / Food & Leisure

Cargo Effect

They look like old fruit crates hoisted onto your bike and yet behind their casual and authentic appearance hides true...


09.09.2013 / Food & Leisure

Slow Sicily

Natural materials, local handicrafts and traditional artifacts: exposed brickwork, lime plaster, thatch roofs and stone or polychrome ceramic tile floors....

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