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Arts & Culture


03.03.2015 / Arts & Culture

The House of Objects

There is a new cultural institution in Barcelona, the Museu del Disseny, which opened its doors a few months ago...


25.02.2015 / Arts & Culture

Alessandro Dalai: My Very Own Milan

A few days ago we published an interview with Alessandro Dalai concerning the role of a publisher in the time...

alessandro dalai publisher

19.02.2015 / Arts & Culture

A Publisher in the Digital Era

Behind every book that we loved there’s a whole team: an author, an editor, maybe a translator, and of course...


17.02.2015 / Arts & Culture

The Great Human Adventure

Two rivers meeting, the Rhône and Saône. A city, Lyone. And a building that seems to have landed from a...

art stories app children milano duomo

09.02.2015 / Arts & Culture

Art for Kids

The inquisitive eyes and the open mind of a child are probably the best virtues for understanding art, and yet...


04.02.2015 / Arts & Culture

Truer than True: US Political TV Shows

Washington, Capitol Hill, and the White House have lately become a popular set for some of the most successful Amercan...

roberto d'incau coach headhunter

26.01.2015 / Arts & Culture

Begin Again: an Interview with Roberto d’Incau

Have you ever wished you could begin again, change your life completely and make a fresh start?   We all...

uncommon museums paris carnavalet

15.01.2015 / Arts & Culture

Uncommon Paris

In the current cold and wet weather it is nice to go to a museum in Paris and many tourists...


24.12.2014 / Arts & Culture

Little Creative Accidents

Everything can contribute to the creation of art, even a badly cracked egg.   At least according to Zeren Badar,...

5 absurd christmas videos

22.12.2014 / Arts & Culture

5 Absurd Christmas Videos

Waisting time watching old movies and silly music videos is a Christmas classic. And Youtube’s archives actually are a source...

slow gift guide 2014

11.12.2014 / Arts & Culture

The 2014 Slow Christmas Gift Guide

Here we go again: you’ve got a thousand deadlines at work – as if the world were to end right...

scorsese jagger series

09.12.2014 / Arts & Culture

When Mick meets Martin

Things are getting pretty exciting for TV series and music enthusiasts lately: while hit teen show Glee is about to...


20.11.2014 / Arts & Culture

The Millionaire Robinson Crusoe

There is something heroic in flying first class accross whole continents to reach a desert island in the middle of...


12.11.2014 / Arts & Culture

Avant-garde in Milan

Pioneering artist Joan Jonas is presenting the first retrospective exhibition of her work in Italy—a collection of films, videos and...


10.11.2014 / Arts & Culture

Frank Gehry, a Retrospective

Frank Gehry is undoubtedly one of the undisputed masters of contemporary architecture. Best known for his monumental deconstructuvist buildings –...


04.11.2014 / Arts & Culture

An Ode to Panama

A 44,132-square-foot building designed by Frank Gehry sitting on the Amador Causeway at the Pacific mouth of the Panama Canal,...


29.10.2014 / Arts & Culture

Creating Perfume: an Interview with Paola Bottai

They are sometimes referred to as ‘noses’ because of their very special sense of smell, allowing them to compose perfumed...


16.10.2014 / Arts & Culture

5 TV Shows You Should Watch This Fall

Ever heard of cliffhanger endings? Basically they’re the reason why every year in September you can’t wait to see the...

jr unframed

07.10.2014 / Arts & Culture

Return to Ellis Island

Confused looks, eyes filled with hope, young faces looking ancient in a perfect old-picture black & white.   They belong...

leonard cohen popular problems

30.09.2014 / Arts & Culture

A Lazy Bastard Living in a Suit

Some musicians outlive their own music, growing older one album after the other and yet struggling to be innovative or...

chagal exhibition milan 2014

23.09.2014 / Arts & Culture

One Century of Visual Poetry

We rarely cover major exhibitions, but this time it’s different, this time it’s about Marc Chagall, the painter who managed...

horst exhibition london

11.09.2014 / Arts & Culture

Horst, or Timeless Beauty

Over 250 photographs, lots of original vintage prints, haute couture items, magazines, videos and other objects: the amazing retrospective on Horst...


03.09.2014 / Arts & Culture

It’s Only Words

Once upon a time there were those convenient pocket-size phrasebooks teaching you how to say the basic stuff – from...


20.08.2014 / Arts & Culture

Old School Soccer

Italians and the game of soccer – this is definitely a longtime love affair, deep-rooted in the history of the...


04.08.2014 / Arts & Culture

A Short Guide to Summer Binge-Watching

Binge-watching is certainly something you have found yourself doing at some point, maybe when you were off sick from work...


31.07.2014 / Arts & Culture


Once upon a time in Hékura, an island off the Western coast of Japan, there was a whole army of...


30.07.2014 / Arts & Culture

Life Turned Art

Do you remember the last scene from the film 8 ½ by Federico Fellini, the one with all the characters...


16.07.2014 / Arts & Culture

Things Fathers Don’t Say

They say that you will be moved to tears as soon as you see your newborn. They say that you...


15.07.2014 / Arts & Culture

Of Cars and Films

The Chevrolet Nova from Pulp Fiction, the yellow checker taxicab from Taxi Driver, Goldfinger‘s Aston Martin, the RV from Breaking...


01.07.2014 / Arts & Culture

Floating on Kensington Gardens

Chilean architect Smiljan Radic is the author of the new temporary Serpentine Gallery Pavilion  that was unveiled a few days...


23.06.2014 / Arts & Culture

A Matter of Tableware

What makes a table truly sophisticated and unique? Some nicely presented food, a simple and freshly ironed linen tablecloth, maybe...


18.06.2014 / Arts & Culture

Surviving Everyday Life

Can a book save our life? Probably not, but this box set of everyday survival guides can certainly add a...


02.06.2014 / Arts & Culture

Observing the Crowd

We really love the free events at the Museum of London, especially when they have to do with beautiful and...


19.05.2014 / Arts & Culture

Italian Opera in Tokyo

The Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, soon on tour in Japan, is one of Italy’s best and most respected opera houses....


14.05.2014 / Arts & Culture

Attack on the Star System

David Cronenberg’s latest work, Maps to the Stars – the story of a disfuntional Hollywood family – was selected In...


22.04.2014 / Arts & Culture

Damon Albarn’s Solo Debut

Everyday Robots, Damon Albarn’s first solo album, is going to be released on April 28, three years after the last...


16.04.2014 / Arts & Culture

Don Drapers’ Very Last Season

After 6 amazing seasons, one of the most innovative TV series is about to end. Mad Men‘s seventh season, which debuted...


14.04.2014 / Arts & Culture

Architecture & Fashion in Historic New York

Take a historic building in New York City and shoot a model dressed in a period costume beloging to the...


10.04.2014 / Arts & Culture

The Slow Life of Corals

Life has a very broad spectrum of speeds. Kilometers underground, under the ocean, a simple event such as a cell...


09.04.2014 / Arts & Culture

The Way We Were

This week, ‘design’ is the most pronounced word in Milan. As usual, the city’s population has exponentially increased on the...


02.04.2014 / Arts & Culture

Objects of Wonder

A hundred portraits of 19th century Americans from a time when taking a picture was a long, slow, meticulous process...


27.03.2014 / Arts & Culture

The Berlin Wall Comes to Shoreditch

Have you ever seen those huge, colorful faces painted on a section of what remains of the Berlin Wall along...


24.03.2014 / Arts & Culture

Getting Lost in the City

An idler, an explorer, a saunterer, an observer and a fine connoisseur of the street. What exactly is a  flâneur?...


19.03.2014 / Arts & Culture

A View on the Sea

It may not be the tiniest house in the world, but it certainly is impressively small. The Window House is...


12.03.2014 / Arts & Culture

Old School Textiles

A seaside town in South Africa, a bunch of 19th century Hattersley looms, an artisan who collects antique weaving books,...


05.03.2014 / Arts & Culture

The Art of Everyday Objects

A pair of scissors that we sometimes use to cut paper, whole grain biscuits that we crunch absent-mindedly, bath towels,...


03.03.2014 / Arts & Culture

London, Now and Then

Over the course of its turbulent history, London has changed many times.  And if there’s a place where you can...


18.02.2014 / Arts & Culture

Understanding China

Have you ever thought of learning Chinese? The Chinese language has long been considered the most difficult major language to...


04.02.2014 / Arts & Culture

Metropolitan Wool

Would you ever have imagined being able to buy wool that is reared and sheared right in the heart of...


03.02.2014 / Arts & Culture

Teddy Stories

If only our old teddy bears could talk… The silent witnesses and constant companions of our childhood probably know more...


29.01.2014 / Arts & Culture

Away from the City

The sky and the sea, the coastline slowly diving into the water, a boundless horizon fading into the starry night....


23.01.2014 / Arts & Culture

Made in Britain

Made In Italy is universally recognised as a brand representing high quality of materials and manufacture. It seems natural, then,...


22.01.2014 / Arts & Culture

The House of Science

Promoting the benefits brought to society by science and technology and offering to the whole community the chance to actively...


23.12.2013 / Arts & Culture

The Festivities Art Agenda

Christmas day is usually spent with the family, but what about the holidays? If you’re planning a mini break or...


19.12.2013 / Arts & Culture

10 Must-Watch Christmas Movies

Sofa, remote control, blanket, a cup of tea and some leftovers from your Christmas Eve dinner. Come on, after all...


17.12.2013 / Arts & Culture

Oxygen for the Mind

A small gallery and independent bookstore, as well as an anchor for emerging artists, a home to the contemporary art...


02.12.2013 / Arts & Culture

Exoticism and Accuracy

Collecting the atmosphere of her own land, the story of her family and the inspirations she gathered through her personal...


28.11.2013 / Arts & Culture

London Celebrates Fashion

London has always been a city with a high creative spirit. Known for its underground movements, it actually benefits from...


27.11.2013 / Arts & Culture

Pure Humanity

It almost seems inconceivable, and yet there are tribesmen in the world who live their lives as if the last...


25.11.2013 / Arts & Culture

Dylan Goes Interactive

On July 20, 1965, Bob Dylan released his most successful single ever, Like a Rolling Stone, a long, folk-rock, provocative...


19.11.2013 / Arts & Culture


Apparently, when it comes to selling his autobiography Morrissey can do better than Keith Richards. As a matter of fact, his...


18.11.2013 / Arts & Culture

Victorian Remains

A long wood and iron structure with a somewhat Baroque outline jutting out into the sea. That’s a very familiar...


13.11.2013 / Arts & Culture

An Unconventional Museum

An old private house facing the harbour in a small Japanese village inhabited by an aging population and Japan’s most...


06.11.2013 / Arts & Culture

Education Within Everyone’s Reach

The name is Omega, like the very last letter of the Greek alphabet, but this story is one about absolute...


05.11.2013 / Arts & Culture

The November Art Agenda

This month we are going to take you on a virtual tour through the most interesting international photo exhibitions of...


04.11.2013 / Arts & Culture

Wearable Wood

Is there anything smarter, more timeless or resilient than wood? That’s what the designers at Tel Aviv textile design and...


30.10.2013 / Arts & Culture

In Memory of a Rock Legend

Lou Reed’s story, the one about a little Jewish kid from Long Island turned into one of the most brilliant,...


10.10.2013 / Arts & Culture

The October Art Agenda

Here comes a new season of great exhibitions and art events. We’ve been hunting for something special and unique, virtually...


01.10.2013 / Arts & Culture

Hybrid Objects

There are different stories and diverse inspirations behind the charming objects designed and created by Karen Chekerdjian, Lebanon’s best loved...


24.09.2013 / Arts & Culture

London Original Loft

Despite the global crisis, property prices in London are continuing their stratospheric ascent, and the housing market is overheating. Yet...


17.09.2013 / Arts & Culture

Bow Tie Revisited

Is there anything smarter, more classic or perfect than a well-cut bow tie? A nice papillon is a timeless staple...


16.09.2013 / Arts & Culture

Postcards from the Past

John Hinde was a most peculiar character – a failed circus entrepreneur married to a trapeze-artist and the great-grandson of...


12.09.2013 / Arts & Culture

A Sequel to Catcher in the Rye

Could one of the world’s best-loved novels possibly have a sequel? J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye is not just...


11.09.2013 / Arts & Culture

Paris and the Ghetto

On Saturday evenings, there is often a long queue at 80, Quai de Jemmapes in Paris, right along the Seine....


10.09.2013 / Arts & Culture

A Brief History of Chemical Warfare

On the eve of a likely attack on Syria strongly supported by US President Obama and grounded on the proven,...


27.08.2013 / Arts & Culture

Design to Improve Life

60 finalists from 73 different countries, selected among over 1,000 designers competing for a prize of 500,000 euros. Based in...


22.08.2013 / Arts & Culture

Beauty and Neurosis

Fashion photographer Miles Aldridge, considered the heir to Richard Avedon, has two exhibition celebrating his art this summer (until the...


08.08.2013 / Arts & Culture

Cheap & Chic

Travelling on a budget does not necessarily mean choosing dull destinations or spending your nights at shabby hotels. The ability...


07.08.2013 / Arts & Culture

A Night in Apulia

Notte della Taranta is Italy’s biggest festival and one of Europe’s most important events dedicated to traditional culture. Based in...


05.08.2013 / Arts & Culture

The Encyclopedic Palace

Italian-born American folk artist Marino Auriti had a project: an imaginary museum that was meant to house all worldly knowledge....


24.07.2013 / Arts & Culture

Theatre as a Common Good

There is a theatre in Venice which seems to have risen from the ashes – and it is not La...


09.07.2013 / Arts & Culture

Yeezus, Kanye West’s Irregular Hip Hop

Hard and uncompromised, one of the most eagerly awaited albums of the year, the work of the greatest hip hop...


01.07.2013 / Arts & Culture

Highlights from the Start Up Festival

As we announced a few weeks ago, here are a few highlights from the Start Up Festival in Vicenza, which...


24.06.2013 / Arts & Culture

An Essential Wagnerian Discography

On the bicentenary of Richard Wagner’s birth (just like we did some days ago with Giuseppe Verdi) here’s a list...


17.06.2013 / Arts & Culture

Six Libraries All Bookworms Should Visit

Dusty shelves, old books turned yellow, cranky librarians. Although technology is changing everything in the book world, this is still...


13.06.2013 / Arts & Culture

Architecture of Memory

Giving Massimiliano e Doriana Fuksas the task to design the new headquarters of the National French Archives is yet another...


12.06.2013 / Arts & Culture

An Essential Verdian Discography

This year, both Giuseppe Verdi and Richard Wagner celebrate bicentenaries. Everyboby has heard their names but as for their works,...


05.06.2013 / Arts & Culture

Start Up Festival: Culture in the Digital Era

In the time of the Internet, ‘start up’ is a synonym for resourcefulness, innovation, experimentation. And that’s exactly what Start...


15.05.2013 / Arts & Culture

The Summer Art Agenda

Life and death in Pompeii and Herculaneum In the summer of  79 AD, Pompeii and Herculaneum, two cities on the...


14.05.2013 / Arts & Culture

The International Book Fair in Turin

In spite of the huge crisis of the publishing industry, the International Book Fair in Turin is back again for...

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