Roy Dantendorfer, the Man Behind The Slowear Store Vienna

International style icon and owner of the sophisticated Danterdorfer boutiques across Austria, Roy Dantendorfer is the man who brought The Slowear Store to Vienna

  • Roy Dantendorfer, the Man Behind The Slowear Store Vienna

Roy Dantendorfer was only 25 when he took over the family business, three boutiques (in Salzburg, Linz and Innsbruck) selling clothes and sports equipment, and turned into something different and unique by putting together a portfolio of international brands according to his own impeccable taste, and focusing on well-made, timeless, quality pieces. In the 1990s he opened the Vienna store, which has gradually become a not-to-be-missed address for discerning customers visiting the Austrian capital, and became  himself  an international style icon along with his wife Theda Wendenburg, who is also his partner in work. A couple of months ago, Roy opened the first Slowear Store in Vienna, right beside his own boutique. On the occasion of the grand opening, we spoke to Roy to learn more about his style vision and what led him to partner with Slowear.
SJ: Hi Roy, can you tell us more about the man behind the Dantendorfer vision? How much do you identify with the brand?
For more than 20 years we have been expanding our vision of what Dantendorfer embodies,where our appreciation for quality, craftsmanship and a sense of uniqueness are portrayed. Being a family business in the 2nd generation, it has always been of importance to consider the roots of our company, while simultaneously striving to explore and collect new things for our store. My partner and I are doing all orders together, which enables us to consider different things from both viewpoints. We both therefore identify fully with ‘Dantendorfer’ the brand, since all items shown in our stores are based on what we see and like while travelling.
SJ: What's your idea of style and to what extent does your personal taste have to do with it?
The idea of style is a highly diverse project which is hard to generalize. I think it would be impossible for us to select fashion that is based on one specific idea of style. For me it is much more important to choose items based on what I like, what inspires me, the stories behind the brands, the passionate artisans who are able to transmit their discipline and craft into things that my customers and I value for their uniqueness and rich heritage. Our store ranges from menswear and womenswear to sportswear, all of which require different styles and brands - which however are all based on our intuition of what our customers would like. My personal taste is important in order to create a homogenous vision behind Dantendorfer, in which our diverse portfolio of brands forms our vision.
SJ: What is it about Slowear that you love and believe is in tune with your own philosophy?
RD: Slowear is a familiy buisness just like Dantendorfer, which in itself is already very special as you can simply feel and appreciate the wonderful history and foundation behind it. Attention to the craft and high quality of all the items is something that I look for in any brand that I love. Glanshirt, Incotex, Montedoro and Zanone are all special in their own way, and  when combined in a store they create a very harmonious concept. I am always drawn to clothes that are beautifully made with attention to intricate details; Slowear is a feel-good, look-good brand with a great heritage and thats why I love it.
SJ: Let's talk about Vienna: can you recommend a few 'slow' places in town and give us some basic insider tips how to experience the city?
My recommendation is to simply walk through the side streets of this wonderful city and discover small shops and cafes like Cafe Korb or Cafe Bräunerhof. Have lunch at Zum Schwarzen Kamel and have dinner at the wonderful Gasthaus Pöschl, and of course a nice drink at Loos Bar.

Author : The Slowear Journal


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