Reviving an Ancient Tradition

An online platform connects craft lovers with the local artisans who carry on the ancient tradition of Berber carpets

  • Reviving an Ancient Tradition
  • Reviving an Ancient Tradition
  • Reviving an Ancient Tradition

On the Atlas Mountains, in Morocco, carpets have been at the core of family life for thousands of years. Handed down from mother to daughter, the art of weaving and processing raw wool is preserved with extreme care. The typical decorations of the Berber tradition are expressed in the form of irregular geometric shapes and lines that symbolize protection, respect, fertility and good omen for the life of the family. The result is an object dense with meaning and tradition, absolutely natural and extraordinarily appealing to our contemporary tastebecause of its timeless aesthetics. 
Beni Rugs is an online platform selling woolen rugs of the Berber tradition created by Robert Wright and Tiberio Lobo-Navia, who fell in love with these artifacts back in 2012 during a Moroccan holiday and later decided to build a bridge between those who love and appreciate them and Berber artisans, allowing customers to choose their favorite size and pattern (or even to suggest their own pattern).
The manufacturing process has been the same for thousands of years, and it stays unchanged even in the digital era. In summer, the sheep are shorn to obtain the wool that is essential for producing the carpets. The woolen bundles are carried to river Oum Er-Rbia where they get beaten, washed, and dried in the sun. The village women then proceed to spinning the wool, which is subsequently dyed with natural substances to create the necessary color contrasts to weave the designs. Finally, the knotting begins: every woman works on a carpet from the beginning to the very end, in a slow and careful process that may take up to a month's work. The finished carpet is then drenched with water, washed and dried in the Atlas summer sun and air.
Through to Beni Rugs, the modern digital world helps passing on and spreading the charm of this ancient tradition.

Author : The Slowear Journal


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