Masculine Elegance According to Pierre Degand

  • Masculine Elegance According to Pierre Degand
  • Masculine Elegance According to Pierre Degand
  • Masculine Elegance According to Pierre Degand
  • Masculine Elegance According to Pierre Degand
  • Masculine Elegance According to Pierre Degand

In Brusselles, along Avenue Louise, is one of the world's most renowned and amazing men's boutique, Maison Degand, housed inside a magnificent mansion with a dépendance and a cozy courtyad, a truly charming place where beauty is all around you - in the garments, in the decor, in the location itself.


Neeedless to say, it is a true privilege to have our Slowear collection featured among the brands selected by founder Pierre Degand, the man who, with the help of his skilled tailors and couturiers, managed to become a major influencer in luxury and masculine elegance all over Brussels and Belgium.
We spoke to himto learn more about the history of his Maison.


SJ: Can you tell us about the origin and the development of Maison Degand?
PD: It all began with Yvonne Degand, my mother, who passed on to me her savoir-faire and her 'savoir-flair'. It is thanks to her that I developed a taste for dressing sophisticatedly and the art of advising gentlemen on how to choose the best materials in prêt à porter and bespoke wear.
Maison Degand opened its doors in 1983 at 415, di Avenue Louise with the Degand Tailleur department, which mainly offered top-notch men's suits and jackets.
In September 1996 we launched Degand Sport, located in the mansion's dépendance, thus opening up to sportswear. In 2007, with Degand Business at 419, Avenue Louise, we started offering suits priced at 1,000 euros.
2011 was a year of huge changes: Degand Sport and Degand Business were moved to number 419, and are now connected to Degand Tailleur through a perfume shop. And we also opened Degand Shoes in the dépendance.


SJ: What is it that makes Maison Degand so unique and different from the other luxury boutiques in Brussels?
PD: Well, first of all Maison Degand is a veritable historic mansion focusing on niche products for men, a space devoted to multi-brand and 'non-marketed' items. The main difference lies in our signature style, a mix of advising services and product range that you just won't find at monobrand boutiques. Our clients are well aware of the fact that at Maison Degand they will be able to find items mostly unavailable anywhere else. We also rely strongly on an exceptionally wide offer, professional advice from our assistants, a top-quality and customized range of services, and a sumptuos decor - not to mention the sartorial altering service with 11 dedicated people and the atelier grand mesure for bespoke men's haute couture.


SJ: The recent renovation of your premises also included the opening of a restaurant in the mansion's beautiful courtyard...
PD: Emily Ristorante brings Degand's signature elegance to the table thanks toVincenzo Regine's mise en scène. The restaurant is devoted to Italian cuisine, and more specifically to excellent regional products like truffles, caviar and Sassicaia wine. I personally supervised every single detail, from the majestic chandelier to the blazon imprinted on butter pats and the silverware. We can sit up to 40 people on two levels, and there's an additional room for private dinners and events sitting 12 people.


Edited and translated by F.S.

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