Mario Milana and the Timelessness Formula

Exploring the concept behind the creation of the window display dedicated to Zanone from the A Spotlight on Talents project

  • Mario Milana and the Timelessness Formula

Mario Milana is a talented and successful desiger working between Milan and new York City, where he founded the two branches of his studio. Born and raised in Milan, Mario moved to New York at the age of 23, and this exposed him to multiculturalism which opened his mind and played a key role in defining the person he is today.
Now it is only when one travels that a realisation dawns about the richness that surrounds oneself in Milan. His father, an exhibition designer, was a strong influence in moulding him, leaving an imprint of production and functionality on the young Mario. He says that an aspect of Milan that influenced him greatly is its elegance.
Design is the lens through which Mario sees the world, and it is inseparable from himself as a person, being a constant thought on his mind. He particularly appreciates the industrial, raw feel to design. A balance of these aspects can be seen in his work.
When asked to take part in our project, he could not imagine a better fit to collaborate with since he shares core values with Slowear namely quality, craftsmanship and timelessness. And speaking of timelessness, he explained to us his formula: quality + identity = timelessness. As a designer, Mario aspires to still be relevant. To achieve this, he keeps in mind a lot of variety while always trying to design something different. This, according to him, is the way of becoming iconic.  
Mario was introduced to design and fashion in his early years without even knowing it. “Living in Milan you just take it for granted as you are born here”, he said. As a child, he also became familiar with Zanone (the Slowear brand on which his window display focuses), when his mother taught him to appreciate the simplicity and quality this brand and showed him the meaning of a real timeless brand. 
About the design and creation of his window displays, they developed very organically since he had pieces in his design collection that could embody the concepts he wanted to express. The endless Fair Play sofa represents the "Timeless" approach of Zanone. Seasons go by but quality standards remain forever. The second window displays the concept of "Slow Living",  because it is not only a fashion choice but also a lifestyle that allows us to maintain our equilibrium in today's world. 
To see Mario Milana's window displays, along with the works of the other three artists from the A Spotlight on Talents project, drop by la Rinascente in Milan until June 21.

Author : The Slowear Journal

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