Happiness At The Table

Three authentic places for discovering why that of Emilia Romagna is one of the best and most joyful cuisines in the world

  • Happiness At The Table
  • Happiness At The Table
  • Happiness At The Table
  • Happiness At The Table
  • Happiness At The Table
  • Happiness At The Table

Wherever you find yourself wandering around in the beautiful Italian region known as Emilia Romagna, there is one thing that you won't be able to help noticing: whether it's mountains, hills or wide landscapes bordering the Po river, there will always be a house in sight, but you will never bump into a big city.
And perhas this is exactly where the secret of the local cuisine lies: families used to have just enough space around their home to raise chickens, build a small barn and farm rabbits, cows or pigs - and yet they were always close enough to the road to become a possible stop or refreshment point on the way for the wayfareres that traveled through this huge plain.
This vocation for hospitality and the richness of its ingredients such as eggs, meats, wines, and wheat make Emilia Romagna a land that celebrates taste in its very own way.
Awarded by Forbes in 2013 as the region with the best food in the world, in January 2018 Emilia Romagna was included by the New York Times in the list of the 52 unmissable destinations in the world.
Every household along the region's city and country roads has a pasta-making tradition. The recipes vary from city to city, from family to family, and the same goes for the many different stuffings that enrich delicacies such as cappelletti, cappellacci, tortelli and tortellini - but be advised: confusing denominations and flavors is deemed inappropriate, because every pasta shape and name is a piece of local history and idiom.
Meat is of course the other staple food, exalted in roasts, boiled and seasoned  to become a true delicacy such as in Prosciutto di Parma, Culatello di Zibello and Mortadella, also know as Bologna, from the city of he same name.
Emilia Romagna is home to many authentic old-style trattorias and restaurants. It is not hard to recognize them: upon crossing their threshold, you will instantly get that frozen-in-time vibe, the feeling that someone has been waiting for you to come, and that everything is now ready to reward you with food, rest and joy.
Casa Zanni is one of such places, sitting since 1919 in Verucchio, along one of the many roads that lead from the Adriatic cast to the hilly inland. Here you will find egg pasta freshly rolled out by hand, meat sauce cooked for hours on low heat, and of course handmade piadina, the simplest and yet most delicious type of local flat bread.
Da Bertino, in Bologna's old town, is the right address for tortellini in brodo, boiled meats, and roasts. Ever since the year 1957, this historic restaurant has been serving "Sunday lunch", a true Italian tradition which is all about family, abundance, and sharing.  
Among the hills once owned by Matilda od Tuscany, between Reggio Emilia and Parma, is Pietranera, an osteria with a beautiful terrace overlooking the valley where you can enjoy a variety of tortelli with different stuffings, from meats to butternut squash or herbs.
Whichever one of these amazing restaurants you decide to try, you will see (and taste) for yourself how this daily quest for happiness at the dinner table is the key to the authenticity of a region that really managed to stay true to itself over time.

Author : The Slowear Journal


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