Hanging Out at a Revamped Slaughterhouse

1933 Shanghai, once the largest slaughterhouse in the Far East, is now one of the most sought-after venues in Shanghai

  • Hanging Out at a Revamped Slaughterhouse
  • Hanging Out at a Revamped Slaughterhouse
  • Hanging Out at a Revamped Slaughterhouse

Where the old Shanghai Municipal Council Slaughterhouse once used to be is now a swanky and happening place to hang out called 1933 Shanghai. Designed by English architect Balfours, this colossal Art Deco structure is located in the historic Hongkou district and it  was inaugurated in 1933 as the city’s slaughterhouse.
The space once known as the largest slaughterhouse in the Far East has recently been converted from its old brutal purpose into a fully restored structure that is populated by a variety of bars, restaurants, cafes, boutiques, art galleries, design offices and also a performance stage, built for public use. This in turn has breathed a new lease of life into the then lifeless structure.
The former abattoir boasts a four-storey atrium at the centre of the complex which is criss-crossed by massive sky bridges or ramps. These sky bridges were originally used to move animals from one part of the facility to the other.
The building also showcases a peculiar layout and artistic space which is square on the outside and round on the inside. It has winding passages and randomly scattered rooms. Although the structure looks like a maze, the whole place is designed with great clarity.
Due to its gruesome past one does stop to think of the history this building has, yet the exceptional design along with the activity and cheerful vibe of the space in its current version soon take over and  help overcome the initial impression. 

Author : The Slowear Journal


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