Festina Lente, 1,000 Bearded Men

Introducing Olivier Vinot's special photo exhibit at our Paris boutiques

  • Festina Lente, 1,000 Bearded Men

From 8th to 28th June 2016, the two Slowear stores in Paris (169, Boulevard Saint Germain & 75 Rue Vieille du Temple) will host Olivier Vinot’s exhibition Festina Lente,  with photographs of 1,000 bearded men. Read on to learn more about this humanist photographer as the Slowear Journal chats with him.
SJ: Who is ‘Olivier Vinot’ in three words?
OV: Contemplative, Idealistic, Photographer.
SJ: What are you Passionate about?
OV: Sociology, the complexity of humans & their social interaction fascinates me. I love meeting people that are passionate in fields as diverse as possible, I nourish myself with the passions of others.
SJ: Mention a few things you will never leave home without.
OV: My smartphone! Although I rarely use it to call. I use it for everything, planning, social networking, transportation (subway, Uber, Autolib in Paris), meal delivery, & of course because it allows me to have a camera in my pocket at all times.
SJ: Tell us something in the city of Paris which is a big inspiration to you.
OV: Paris is a very cosmopolitan city, it allows me to meet many different people. The city is beautiful architecturally, even if as a "Parisian" I do not take the time to look at it. Aesthetics is everywhere, from architectural details to the way women dress. Each district is evolving like a village, with its atmosphere & its people. This allows me to visit these spaces according to what best fits my mood for the day, as they are located conveniently minutes away.
SJ: How do you as a person connect with Slowear?
OV: There are two acronyms that I often use: K.I.S.S (Keep it so simple) & T.E.A.M (Together Each Achieves More), they are like Mantras to me. This family heritage transmitted from father to son and all the care & attention given to the garments during their production are strong values ​​that are mostly neglected today. This timeless approach with a desire for excellence, as opposed to the common quest for immediacy is, what connects me to Slowear today.
SJ: As you collaborate with Slowear for the exhibition in Paris, what are you most looking forward to?
OV: Within the Slowear group I have been fortunate to meet passionate people who  understand the joy of sharing. I hope that Paris will be the starting point for a long collaboration. My hope is to see The Festina Lente Project travel internationally.
SJ: Can you tell us about the most interesting personalities you have met while capturing these 1,000 pictures for the exhibition Festina Lente to be exhibited at the Slowear store?
OV: I have had a hard time making a choice, each portrait reminds me of an anecdote, because I spoke with each of them for half an hour & it is hard to reveal stories that were revealed to me in confidence. To me, the most important thing is that they will all be featured in respect of individual differences (cultural, social, & religious). To see such kindness, respect, tolerance, deeply reassures the idealistic man in me.
SJ: Finally, could you describe in a few words your idea of a 'slow lifestyle'?
The ephemeral has become the norm as well as the disease of the century, making us eternally unsatisfied & dreaming of a better tomorrow. ‘Things you own, end up owning you’. For me, it is above all about ‘taking time’. That is to say taking time out for friends, enjoying a good meal, contemplating & being bored!

Author : Slowear Journal


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