Expressing Music through Graphic Art with Studio La Tigre

An insight into the creation of two window displays for ‘A spotlight on Talents’

  •  Expressing Music through Graphic Art with Studio La Tigre

As anticipated in our previous article, the launch of A Spotlight on Talents is scheduled for today and so we had a chat with the artists who created the concepts for the window displays at la Rinascente to learn more about their work and inspirations. 
Our first monography focuses on La Tigre, an independent MIlan-based multidisciplinary creative consultancy directed by the designer duo Luisa Milani & Walter Molteni, founded in 2009. Luisa and Walter believe that beauty, functionality & timeless ideas are the true essence of their works at studio La Tigre, and their creations are often influenced by their love for Italian graphic designs from the 50’s & 60’s, based on clean shapes & strong concepts.
In taking up our creative challenge in collaboration with L'uomo Vogue, La Tigre felt a strong connection with the Slowear brand philosophy, which, as the duo stated, is in some way very close to the design vision of their studio.
As for the specific inspiration behind their window displays,  Luisa and Walter mentioned  the work of the late designer, painter and architect Franco Grignani, author of the iconic Woolmark logo. More specifically, their concept revolves around the idea of representing a rock show without the use of music or musical instruments, expressing the power of music in a graphic, minimal and clean way.  
While speaking of Glanshirt - the Slowear brand which was the subject of their work, Walter and Luisa said:   ‘We love Glanshirt's  shirt textures, especially the most eccentric ones, micro-detailed but still elegant'.
We truly can't wait to see their concept laid out. In the meantime, check ot the next monographies and don't forget to drop by la Rinascente - starting today and until June 21 - to take a look these amazing installations.
A Spotlight on Talents, a project by Slowear & L'Uomo Vogue in collaboration with la Rinascente, Milan, June 14-21, 2016

Author : The Slowear Journal

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