Curiosity is Endless. The World of Elena Xausa

Getting to know better the third artist involved in the A Spotlight on Talents project

  • Curiosity is Endless. The World of Elena Xausa

A childhood spent up on the hills near Venice, which influenced her perception of life and enhanced her power of expression through art, creating a positive and easy attitude. This is basically the background of Berlin-based artist and illustrator Elena Xausa, whose trademarks are the mostly cheerful and funny subjects, the choice of bright and joyful colors, and the ironic meaning behind most of her creations.
Elena is the third artist involved in the A Spotlight on Talents project, so today we'd like to focus on her work, which draws inspiration from several visual fields including contemporary art, handcraft, comic books and graphic design, although each drawing or project has its own history and mood. 
 “I was really thrilled by the chance to design one of the most important store windows in Italy", said Elena. "Then I came to know Slowear and I really appreciated their philosophy: the brand is truly classic, with a strong sense of tradition and quality, but the cuts and the color palette are totally contemporary and fresh.”
When the collaboration offer for the Rinascente windows came up, Elena was researching traditional costumes, handcrafted object and masks, and looking for a project to convey all the things she had collected. This seemed to her like the perfect opportunity to create something playful, distinctive and striking by mixing classic and new together, and by working with dynamic mechanisms and big proportions. Her favourite element in the Incotex-themed display is the pair of giant trousers made for the huge moving characters.
To take a look at Elena’s work in motion, alongside the three other collaborations across the eight front window displays, visit the front façade of la Rinascente in Milan until the 21st of June 2016 .

Author : Slowear Journal

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