Contemporary and Modern Art In Oslo

Oslo has much more to offer in addition to The Scream.

  • Contemporary and Modern Art In Oslo
  • Contemporary and Modern Art In Oslo

Oslo’s art scene is primarily known for famed painter and printmaker Edvard Munch and for architecture exemplifying the esteemed style of Scandinavian design. However, Oslo should be better known for being a hub for modern and contemporary art with excellent private museums and a high concentration of galleries and artist-run collectives. There are so many opportunities to see great art in Oslo, here are a few ideas to get you started-
The Astrup Fearnley Museum
In a convenient and beautiful location on the Oslo fjord, this is the obvious first place to start. Here you can see incredible work from Jeff Koons, Andy Warhol, Matthew Barney and so much more. This museum should be the top priority in Oslo for anyone who enjoys modern art (especially pop art and appropriation art from the 1980s) as it houses work from many recognizable artists.
Kunstnernes Hus (The Artists’ House)
This exhibition hall is a must see if you’re in Oslo during the autumn exhibition (Høstutstillingen). It has been run by artists since 1930 and is one of Oslo’s most important galleries for contemporary art by local and international artists.There are a number of different tours that they offer depending on the day. Pro tip: the restaurant inside, Lofthus Samvirkelag, has some of the best pizza in the city.
Grünerløkka Neighborhood
This is Oslo’s hipster area, it is home to many small art galleries hosting different events and temporary exhibitions. You can wander around between Uelands Gate and Sofienbergparken and stumble upon photography galleries, performance art, sculpture, mixed media and more. Whether you’re a connoisseur of the provocative or are looking for something relatively light, you’ll be able to find it in this neighborhood. Here are two of our favorite:
Not only focused on art, but also architecture, ROM encourages experimentation and innovation in these two fields. The gallery hosts a variety of events aside from exhibitions, such as lectures and workshops, with the goal of engaging people from different disciplines. If you’re interested in the design of space, ROM will definitely appeal to you.
With three locations around Oslo, you can always find a reason to stop into one of them. TM51 features Norwegian and international artists and part of their selection process is to promote young artists who have a sustainable career ahead of them. TM51 wants the viewer to be challenged, ask questions, and reflect.
Also check out:
Galleri RIIS - focused on contemporary and modern Scandinavian art.
Brandstrup - one of the best in the gallery district of Tjuvholmen, offering monthly exhibitions of very carefully curated artists.
STANDARD (OSLO) - this contemporary art gallery has participated in numerous fairs such as the Venice Biennial and Art Basel and it hosts incredibly interesting exhibitions from both Norwegian and international artists.

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