A tête-à-tête with Photographer Carmen Mitrotta

Understanding the mind behind the lens

  • A tête-à-tête with Photographer Carmen Mitrotta

Photographer Carmen Mitrotta is one of the four artists contributing to the A Spotlight on Talents project in collaboration with L'Uomo Vogue Italia, a set of unique Slowear-themed window displays at la Rinascente, specially conceived on the occasion of Milan Fashion Week. We spoke to her to gain an insight into her life and mind, as well as to learn more about the ideas that sculpted the designs for her displays.
When asked about the relationship between herself as a person and as a photographer, Carmen told us how her personal and professional lives are very much in sync and amalgamate into one lifestyle. The only difference is her eye for precision and desire to have everything in order at work, while in her personal space she is more easy going and sometimes even messy.
Carmen is particularly concerned about the study of shapes and colours and how they combine into the photo's composition, and she constantly strikes to find the perfect balance between real and virtual. Among her inspirations is one of Itay's most beloved painters of all times, Caravaggio, whom she particularly appreciates for the use of light.
Regarding this project and her motivation for committing to it, Carmen mentioned that it was the challenge for her imagination and her instant connection with brand Slowear that made the decision to venture into this collaboration. She is also happy with the beautiful space offered by la Rinascente to display her photographic work.
The concept for the display was inspired by the vision of a world where nature and metropolis come together in a new space. Lastly, we asked her about the Slowear brand Montedoro that is a part of her display. She said that she really likes the materials used in the creation of Montedoro's outerwear and jackets.
Do not miss to pass by la Rinascente before the 21st of June 2016 to take a look at Carmen’s work alongside the three other collaborations across the eight front window displays.

Author : Slowear Journal

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