A Single Night Out in Tokyo

If you are all alone in the city, there is no reason why you should not go out and have a drink with the superb view of Tokyo Tower stretched against the backdrop of the sun setting behind the Tanzawa Mountains

  • A Single Night Out in Tokyo
  • A Single Night Out in Tokyo
  • A Single Night Out in Tokyo
  • A Single Night Out in Tokyo
  • A Single Night Out in Tokyo
  • A Single Night Out in Tokyo

There are many a bar in Tokyo, where you can shed the fatigue of a hard day’s work, with a drink in your hand and a spectacular night view before your eyes. It is always fun to hang out with friends, but one may sometimes find more pleasure in spend some alone time in a laid-back atmosphere. Here is a list of hide-out bars located on the top of some of the most remarkable skyscrapers of Tokyo.
Tokyo Dome Hotel: The Artist's Bar C Maj7
Styled as a recording studio, this standing bar offers a breath-taking night view of the city, with Tokyo Dome on the right and the Imperial Palace on the left. Orders are paid cash on delivery.
Park Hyatt Tokyo: Peak Bar
When it comes to night views of Shinjuku, this bar is unsurpassed. As you step out of the lift on the 41st floor of the Park Hyatt skyscraper in Nishi-Shinjuku, you will find yourself in a casual, yet stylish environment, the ideal place for a solo drink.
The Prince Park Tower Tokyo: Sky Lounge Stellar Garden
Tokyo Tower, with its vivid orange colour and beautiful curves,is far from having been overshadowed by the taller and more recent Sky Tree. Located at the top floor of the Prince Park Tower, Sky Lounge Stellar Garden is a bar with dim lights and a huge window overlooking Tokyo Tower, which glows in the night like a gigantic candle.
Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel: Tower’s Bar Bello Visto
At aconvenient 5-minute walk from Shibuya Station, Bello Visto is best recommendedin the early evening on a clear day.As there is noimpediment tothe view of the city centre, you can thoroughlyenjoy the spectacle of the sun setting over the rooftops of Shibuya and behind the Tanzawa Mountains.
Ebisu: Bar Deva
It is a stylish bar located on the 7th floor of a posh building overlooking Ebisu Park, which can be accessed by pressing the intercom at the front entrance. Despite its private club-like appearance, no membership is required. Established in November 1999, Bar Devais a spacious hide-out with a large window offering a luxurious scenery.

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