A Lucky Man

  • A Lucky Man

Leafing through the latest issue of the Wallpaper* Magazine to look for some fresh inspiration is something we are all pretty familiar with.
There is nothing like Wallpaper* when it comes to keeping up to date with everything that's new, cool, and exciting.
Behind the global success of this London-based magazine is the hard work of its editors and contributors - and the talent of its Editor in Chief, Tony Chambers.
Tony is responsible for the growth of the Wallpaper* brand over the last few years - so if you are a keen user of the magazine's website or a compulsive reader of the Wallpaper pocket City Guides (published in conjunction with Phaidon press) you should probably thank him.
We asked him a few question about himself and his job.
SJ: What's it like to be the Editor in Chief of the most influential design, fashion and lifestyle magazine? Does it ever make you hyper conscious about your style and lifestyle choices?
TC: Well, it's possibly the best job on the planet. I'm never self-conscious about such things – I'm a great believer in authenticity and doing / enjoying what comes naturally.
SJ: Describe yourself in 3 words.
TC: A lucky man.
SJ: On an average weekday you never leave home without...?
TC: A pen. I feel insecure if I'm without the means to make notes or sketches. I also find it hard to concentrate on reading page proofs without a pen in my hand.
SJ: Living and working in London must be exciting and hectic. What's your strategy for carving out some time for leisure and meditation?
TC: My job is my hobby and passion, so leisure conflates with work. Finding time to think and reflect is hugely important. Walking and cycling is a good opportunity to indulge in this.
SJ: If someone had 24 hours to spend in London, what and where would you suggest them to go (eat, shop, visit, sleep)?
TC: Eat at St John. Shop at Kilgour, 1205 and Slowear of course. Visit the Barbican. Sleep in the Antony Gormley suite at the Beaumont.
SJ: We have recently had the great pleasure of partnering with on the occasion of the Wallpaper + Zanone Project - can yoiu tell us what's the idea behind it?
TC: We selected three unique colours, used on the Wallpaper* magazine spine, that work particularly well with the supreme quality cashmere and silk Zanone yarn.  I'm deliriously happy with the results.
SJ: Are you planning to start more partnerships with fashion and design companies to create collections and objects?
TC: We certainly are! We do of course have our annual Handmade project (6th year this April) which is a wunderkammer of creative collaborations. Look out for some major developments this Spring.
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